SUNLINER are a punk rock band from Leeds, UK. Having toured the world and released
highly acclaimed albums as “Jake & The Jellyfish”, J&TJ have changed their name to reflect
the natural progression of their music.

With tours alongside Red City Radio and Buster Shuffle, shows with Dave Hause, The Skints
and Off With Their Heads, as well as slots at THE FEST, Punk Rock Holiday, Mighty Sounds, Bearded Theory and Kendal Calling; SUNLINER have really carved their foot-hold in the punk rock scene.

SUNLINER have now joined LOCKJAW RECORDS (UK) and the PAPER + PLASTICK (US) families
to release their 2 new songs ‘Structure’ and ‘Average at Best’. Each song addresses self-doubt, mental health and the struggle to find a life balance. 

Lead singer Jake shouts: "The ground’s moving, and I’m spinning plates" in Average at Best, showcasing the feeling of being overwhelmed - a feeling that we can all relate to. Jake says:

“I want the listener to feel like I could be talking about them.
We all struggle, and all have
our worries and problems.
I might not be able to fix them, but if we can make people feel even
a little less alone, that’d be pretty cool."

There’s a humour to SUNLINER’s new songs too. 'Structure' opens with the line:

"They say you’ll never work a day if you do what you love.
Well I love not working, and sleeping enough."

An example of the thread of social commentary that runs through all of SUNLINER and J&TJ’s music, criticising societial pressures and hypocrisies and tapping into those experiences and feelings that we all share.

The move of SUNLINER away from their early folk-punk roots, similar to bands like
Against Me!, has allowed the intricacies of the musicianship to shine through. However, they
have not lost their routes and both songs are high-energy, top of your lungs, punk-rock

"We’re all just flesh and bones and blood."

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