Jake and The Jellyfish are a folk punk band from Leeds, UK armed with foot stomping, beer soaked folk tunes and ‘sing your heart out’ punk rock anthems. Taking influence from pretty much everywhere, the Jellyfish add bits of gypsy punk, a dash of Reggae and a hint of Ska to their base of Punk Folk, yet all under a very ‘Jellyfish’ banner. Somehow relating the frustrations of daily life, 9 to 5 jobs, environmental concerns amongst others into dance-able, shout-a-long-able choruses. Who knew being grumpy could be so much fun?

Social commentary is a key part to J&TJ’s music, an overall sense of dissatisfaction resides underneath the surface of very relatable, catchy lyrics. Whether it’s a fuck you to lad culture “I won’t follow your lead, and I’m not one of the lads”, or being aware of your own flaws “We’re all hypocrites, just to greater or lesser extents” they wear their emotions on their sleeves and it’s evident in their live show.

5 years of touring in a beat up old postal van has added plenty of experiences to their sound. From breaking down in a small town in France with no breakdown cover and no money to get home to accidentally headlining the Woodlands stage to thousands of people at Kendal Calling; it all adds to the community spirit of the Jellyfish, they just want to have some beers and play some tunes at the top of their lungs.

Originally just Jake playing punk folk songs by himself, the band met at uni in Leeds, and quickly became a unit rather than a one man show. Deciding to play as many shows as possible, as quickly as possible and in doing this they met many friends along the way, and what’s more fun then travelling the world and hanging out with your friends?  Over the years this sound has gained more and more energy and yet still matured. With “Long in Winters” they have grown again, creating a more punk rock sound yet still with an underlying folk influence. “Long in Winters” is a much more personal record addressing issues such as mental health, struggling with job/life balance, coping with social pressure as well as losing the ones you love.

“You said I’m long in winters, but short in years”

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